ACMi Highlights of the Week – March 19

All productions this week are at ACMi’s Studio A at 85 Park Ave.Please let us know if you are available for any of these programs:
Wednesday March 20

– Faith Speaks

Join us for this in-studio production discussing religion. General crew help needed for setup and switching.Film: 4-5:30pm
Recent episode: https://acmi.tv/faith-speaks/

– Studio Knights: James Brown –We are seeking help for a musical performance with Tony Wilson who performs as the “Young James Brown.”  Performing at the Regent on April 5th!Join us for pizza at 6pmCrew and Film between 6:30-10pm
Thursday March 21

-LIVE Public Affairs Show –If you are interested, join us Thursday morning to shoot this live Public Affairs show with producer Sara Alfaro-Franco. Crew: 11am-2:30p

– Newscast –Join us for this Thursday’s ACMi News show with News Director Jeff Barnd.Crew: 3-6pm

Friday March 22

– Begabati

Join us this Friday for this a production by producer Begabati
Crew: 9am-3pm

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March 20, 2019