ACMi Highlights of the Week–September 4

Living out Loud

AHS Soccer is Back!

September is upon us, and that means school is back in session. And THAT means Football! Yes, of course, it means Patriots’ and Spy Ponders’ Football of the gridiron sort, but it also means Futbol, or Football, as it is known in much of the rest of the world. AHS has developed perennially powerful soccer teams on both the girls’ and boys’ sides, with each team competing in the state playoffs year in and year out. The reports are that hopes are high for a continuation of that run of success this year. You’ll catch your first glimpse this week, as ACMi brings you the first of dozens of games we’ll be presenting through the fall season. See the AHS boys take on Melrose in a conference game at Peirce Field. It’s on the Education channel this week. Go Ponders!

Return of an ACMi Favorite!

We are delighted to welcome Susan Carp and our friends at the Council on Aging back into the ACMi studio after an absence of more than a year. They are the folks behind “Living Out Loud,” one of the most popular and consistent programs on our Public channel over the last number of years. “Living Out Loud” is a weekly series that focuses on seniors and those who love and care for them, offering a broad range of valuable information, interviews with service providers of all sorts, and helpful suggestions around aging in the healthiest way. In the first installment of the new season, Susan talks about the importance of Senior Centers such as we have in Arlington, and she shares some of her favorite “keys to aging well.” Welcome back, Susan and the rest of the LOL team! 

The Magic of Sand Sculpting Revealed

Congratulations to longtime ACMi member and good friend Margie DiMonte, who recently put the finishing touches on an enthralling new documentary, “Sand Sculptures: They’re Ephemeral, That’s the Whole Point!” Filming at the 19th Annual Sand Sculpting Classic in Hampton Beach, NH, Margie takes us behind the scenes as 10 competitors mix, mold, sculpt, and matte their masterpieces in just 24 hours spread over three days. Toiling through wind, rain, and chilling dampness followed by blazing sun, these artists create works that are simply stunning. Margie chronicles it all, from the delivery of 10 tons of sand to each sculptor, right through to interviews with the competition’s two big winners. The artists hail from all over North America, and it is truly heartwarming to see how they support and inspire each other even as they compete for thousands of dollars in prize money. As the title implies, this particular form of art is very much a transitory one, but that takes nothing away from the awesome beauty these artists create – see for yourself on our Public channel!

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September 4, 2019