Curious about Massachusetts State Ballot Question 2? ACMi presents this debate on Charter School Expansion

From left to right, Julia Mejía, Vote YES on Question 2; Linda Hanson, Vote NO on Question 2.


Question 2 on the Massachusetts state ballot this fall concerns the expansion of the number of charter schools, and of students who attend them, in the commonwealth. No question seems to be generating more passion for residents of Arlington and surrounding areas. ACMi is pleased to present a debate on this question. Linda Hanson, an educator in the Arlington Public School system for the past 25 years, argues against Question 2. Julia Mejía, the Director of Families and Community Engagement for the Massachusetts Charter Public School Association, advocates for its passage. The issue is a complex one, involving matters both of the head and the heart, and it gets a full airing in this exchange. Just click on the image above to go right to the debate.


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October 7, 2016