A Town Session with Officer Pedrini: An Apology and Acknowledgement

As the Town continues its efforts to address racism and develop strategies for coming together as a community, the Town of Arlington will host a session with police officer Lt. Richard Pedrini to address his October 2018 remarks that have caused pain and polarization to our citizens. A lot of effort has been expended toward this issue and toward healing. The Town has put together an overview on these efforts for public reference. Read the overview.

Moderated by Michael Curry, Esq, former President of the Boston NAACP, residents will have an opportunity to submit questions and comments to Lt. Pedrini in advance of the September 22nd session. Mr Curry will select questions that will be addressed live and before a community reaction panel. Questions and comments may be submitted here and will be open for 3 days after the session to allow the community can have time to reflect, process, and provide their comments. All entries will be shared with Lt Pedrini.

We understand the difficulties and frustrations of having to hold such a delicate conversation during the pandemic, and with input from community members, and within the existing limited means. We hope the moderated structure led by Mr. Curry, who will also curate incoming questions from the public, can best foster listening, learning, and growth for both the Town and Arlington community.

This session is one of many activities that have taken place and still to come in our ongoing work to make Arlington a safe and inclusive space for all. Future and past Community Conversations may be found at arlingtonma.gov/communityconversations.