Animal Safety PSA

Arlington’s Animal Control Officer, Katie Kozikowski, met up with Arlington Public News at McClennan Park to talk about what the community can expect this summer from wildlife. She shared valuable tips on how to handle an encounter with an animal, emphasizing the importance of avoiding interaction. It is very unlikely that animals will approach humans, she says, but community members should be cautious about letting house cats or small dogs wander at night, as they could potentially become prey for feeding coyotes, raccoons, or fisher cats.

The Animal Control Officer provides domestic animal control services to the community, and responds to citizen requests for services regarding animal bites, loose animals, barking or dangerous dogs, injured animals, and other concerns. Kozikowski is also available to provide advice on dog behavior, wild animal avoidance and education events.

You must contact the Animal Control Officer if you are bitten or severely scratched by an animal, your pet has been bitten by an animal, or your pet has bitten a person or pet.

Email: animalcontrol@town.arlington.ma.us
Phone: (781) 645-8014

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