Annual APS Pumpkin Recycling Event – Nov. 4, 2020

Wednesday, November 4th
Black Earth will start their rounds at 1:30pm so this is the tentative schedule:
Stratton (1:30pm pick up), Peirce (1:50pm pick up), Dallin (2:10pm pick up)
Brackett (2:30pm pick up), Bishop (2:50pm), Thompson (3:10pm pick up), Hardy (3:30pm pick up)

Pumpkin recycling drop off guidelines:
Families should bring their pumpkins to [designated location] during the drop off period
Please wear face coverings and maintain 6 feet social distancing during the drop off
Pumpkins and gourds of any size will be accepted
Remove candles/tea lights.
Pumpkins with paint or bling will NOT be accepted -if you can cut those pieces off, Black Earth Compost will accept the rest.
Why are we doing this?: Pumpkins can not go in yard waste as they are considered food waste. They are heavy and water-filled and we do not want them going in the trash to be incinerated and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Composting pumpkins allows them to be naturally processed for helping gardens, trees, and new food to grow.

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