Bus Rapid Transit Pilot

A faster and more reliable commute is the goal and if you head east during morning rush hour on Massachusetts Avenue there may be a solution: a bus rapid transit.

Seventeen percent of Arlington residents take the bus to work. Massachusetts Ave is the main artery for bus travel, and in the last thirty day the 77, 79 and 350 buses along the avenue were running on time only seventy percent of the time, according to pilot project managers.

In order to improve those numbers and prepare for an expected increase in bus ridership over the next few years, Arlington has joined three other communities and the MBTA in implementing a bus priority pilot. The pilot, set to take place this fall, will test out ways to create a faster and more reliable bus commute along Mass Ave.

Over the next few months, transportation planners and designers will develop conceptual designs for the pilot program. A community forum to review those designs will be held at town hall on Wednesday, August 15.

You can watch the entire forum here.

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