Conversations with Creative Minds: Gary Goshgarian

From New York Times bestseller Tess Gerritsen and acclaimed thriller writer Gary Braver comes a sexy murder mystery about a reckless affair and dangerous secrets.


00:00 Creativity
00:31 Gary Goshgarian’s Books
01:30 Why did you decide to write this Book?
04:48 Is sexual harassment a systemic problem
in our society today?
07:17 What is the impact of the Me Too movement?
08:33 Would Choose Me raise awareness
of gender inequality?
09:47 What impact has feminism had on our culture?
10:55 How has the role of women changed
in movies, TV, and books?
13:34 Why is gender equality important
in today’s world?
14:42 What are the benefits of gender
equality in society?
16:09 Review
16:38 Credits
16:51 ACMi

Produced by | October 29, 2021 |