“I Know Where My Sister Is,” a Ukrainian Horror Story

In recent weeks, ACMi News has been talking to residents in Kyiv, Ukraine to get the latest updates on the brutal invasion of that country. We first established contact with Natasha and John Sennett, who moved from the United States to Kyiv in the fall of 2019, just before the COVID outbreak and of course Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

The Sennetts got us in touch with Natsya Popandopulos who is a member of the “Ukraine PR Army” an organization that is dedicated to setting the record straight and debunking the daily propaganda coming out of Russia’s state-run media.

Nastya put us in touch with Anzhelika Todorashko, a Ukrainian who fled her country on day one of the war in late February. Anzhelika wants to tell her story about the horrors endured by her mother, sister and brother. And a caution to our viewers: some of what she has to say is disturbing to say the least. Here’s angelica’s interview with ACMi News director Jeff Barnd.

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