Improving Arlington Heights

A group of Arlington Heights residents gathered and founded the Support Arlington Heights (SAH) Facebook page with the purpose of revitalizing and beautifying the Heights. SAH conducted a survey of the residents to gather information on what residents like about the Heights and what changes they would like to see.

They also met with the town officials several times and at a meeting on July 28th they discussed their ideas with other residents in a public forum to see how citizens and organizations can come together with the sole mission of improving the Heights. SAH and town officials informed the residents that their first step in this initiative is to repaint the light poles and traffic signals and asked the attendees for their favorite color.

The next meeting is scheduled for September. For more information about the Arlington Heights Neighborhood Planning Initiative, please contact Ted Fields, Economic Development Planner at (781) 316-3095 or tfields@town.arlington.ma.us


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