Library of Alexandria Documentary Series: Temple of Dendera


This video offers a visit to the best preserved temple of Dendera. You will enjoy the temple that was dedicated to the cow goddess Hathor. She was the goddess of motherhood, fertility, agriculture, Joy, love, and music. She was also a sky-goddess and a goddess of the underworld.

The visit will show you the temple columns with capitals in the form of the head of Hathor. Besides visiting the different structures of the temple, you will enjoy the two unique astronomical scenes, first is the rectangular zodiac in the ceiling of the hypostyle hall and the second is the famous circular zodiac.

The circular Zodiac of Dendera is considered the oldest complete sky representation in history. It shows clearly the different known constellations of the sky.

The video also shows how the Ancient Egyptians used this sky presentation to drive their calendar and also to reflect their religious myth of Isis and Osiris. At the end of the show, a very innovative part was created by singing an opera work of text surrounding the Zodiac in hieroglyphic script with English subtitles. This is considered the first ever Pharaonic singing worldwide.

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