Peeragogy In Action #4: Collaborative Publishing

Peeragogy is all about learning how to do something by finding some like minds with diverse skills, and doing it!

In this episode, we explore the collaborative publishing process. We will learn from two Peeragogy Handbook contributors who have written and published books: Howard Rheingold and Bryan Alexander.

The conversation will cover how we can incorporate the experience of our panelists into the next version and continue to the journey that when we published the Peeragogy Handbook v1 in 2012! We’ll talk about work in progress on the new fourth edition of the public-domain Peeragogy Handbook.

Our 3 main topics for this episode:
1. What was your process writing the book?
2. Who were the people you worked with to actually bring the book to life?
3. What was your experience previously collectively come together to create the Peeragogy Handbook?


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