Pumpkin Recycling – How to dispose of your Jack-O-Lantern – October 31, 2019

(Thompson Green Team Club Video)
Wed Nov 6th: Thompson, Bishop, Hardy, Pierce
Tues Nov 5th: Brackett, Dallin, Stratton
Families should bring their pumpkins to the designated area outside the school at drop off time the morning of the event.
Pumpkins and gourds of any size will be accepted
Remove candles/tea lights.
Pumpkins with paint or bling will NOT be accepted -if you can cut those pieces off, Black Earth Compost will accept the rest.
Parents Volunteers are needed for both morning drop-off help and help loading the pumpkins onto the truck when it arrives.
Black Earth Compost Truck Pumpkin Pick Up:
11/5: Brackett (8:30-8:50), Dallin (9-9:20), Stratton (9:30-9:50)
11/6: Hardy (8:30-8:50), Thompson (9-9:20), Bishop (9:30-9:50), Peirce (10-10:20)
School Designated Drop Off Location:
Thompson: Everett St on lawn near Textile Recycling Collection container
BISHOP: Jen Davidson, jendjardeleza@gmail.com
BRACKETT: Sasha Rose Oxnard, sasharoxnard@gmail.com
DALLIN: Steven Key, skeyesq@yahoo.com
HARDY: Martha Ingols, 42itous@gmail.com
PEIRCE: Noliko Utsuzawa, norikobamboo@gmail.com
STRATTON: Kathy Whang, katherinewhang@gmail.com
THOMPSON: Larry Slotnick larry.slotnick@gmail.com

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