Small But Mighty: Kids Change the World – Episode 2 – Bash the Trash Interview

The Thompson Green Team 5th graders interviewed Rohin Khemani from Bash the Trash (BTT) when they came to their elementary school. For 30 years BTT has been transforming trash into musical instruments and science, music and environmental education in elementary and middle schools. The podcast features 10 5th graders including Eli, the host, and Maanik, Mia, Leah, Caroline, Lilia, Abby, Indigo, Emma and Gael interviewing Rohin who has worked at BTT for 15 years. 5th grader, Teddy, filmed the BTT interview. Mia edited this podcast episode with the help of ACMi youth mentor, Kevin, and Green Team mom, Elizabeth, who has been learning right along side the other students.


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