Teens Cook: French Edition – Season 1 – Episode 6 – Fresh Pasta

On this episode, the teens learn how to make homemade pasta from scratch.

An ONN Production in collaboration with French in the Kitchen –http://www.frenchinthekitchen.com/

French Hosts: Francoise Matte and Cecile Penot-Dietrich
Teen Hosts: Maire Grace Beck and Dinor Nalbani
Director: Daniel Gorbunov
Cameras: Susan Taylor, Felix Moisand


For: 4 pers
Preparation Time:
One hour
Cooking time:
A few minutes

For the dough
3 cups of flour
¼ teaspoon
4 large eggs
2 tablespoons olive oil (optional)

1 cup of semolina

Prepare the dough:

Combine the flour and salt and place in a mound on a work surface. Make a well in the center and add the eggs and olive oil, if using. Beat the eggs with a fork until well mixed. Gradually begin incorporating the flour into the egg mixture with the fork. When enough of the flour has been incorporated so that the dough can be worked by hand, begin kneading the dough, adding more flour to prevent the dough from becoming too sticky. Knead vigorously about 10 minutes until dough is smooth and satiny to the touch, and when cut in two is completely smooth, with no air holes or gluten strands are visible. Wrap the dough with plastic and allow to rest 30 minutes in order to relax the gluten.
Then using a pasta machine, take a piece of dough and roll it several times until you have the thickness you like and use it as lasagna or roll it again to have tagliatelles.
Bring a large pan with water and salt to a boil and boil the pasta for a few minutes.
Drain them, you can eat them with a Bolognese sauce.