The Dispensary Next Door: Cannabis Has Come to Arlington … Will the Grass Be Greener?

With a cannabis dispensary coming to Arlington, the time has come to have a frank discussion about what it will mean for our town to have medical and recreational cannabis available to the general public. What are the benefits and risks to having a “pot shop” alongside our coffee houses and liquor stores? How, if at all, will this change the discussions we have with our kids about drug use? And, what the heck actually happens inside a dispensary?! To help us unpack all this, our moderator, Steve Almond, will talk with experts.

Steve Almond, moderator

Erin Zwirko, Assistant Director for Planning and Community Development for the Town of Arlington
Dianna Dixon, has talked to hundreds of patients and customers about cannabis medicine
Cindy Sheridan Curran, Court/Home Liaison and Readiness/Emergency Management Coordinator for Arlington Public Schools