You View – Season 1 Episode 3

In this episode, a journalist gives her take on the latest happenings around town, students express their perspectives on AHS’ new hybrid model, a student recites original prose as part of You View’s ongoing Poetry/Spoken Word Project, passionate TV-watchers debate best Quarantine Binge shows, and MORE.

We want to thank this round of all-youth volunteers for coming together to create a fabulous final product!

Want to be a host in the next episode? Want to dive into the editing process? Want to film on site? Can you see yourself involved in You View? Well, you can be! We have roles for everyone, regardless of experience, and would love to have you on the team! Reach out to us using the contact info below.

Take care, stay safe out there, and we’ll see you in the next one!

Instagram: https://instagram.com/youviewshow​
Email: youviewshow@gmail.com
Executive Producer & Lead Coordinator – Sam Dieringer
Assistant Producers/Writers – Jasper Zellmer, Aiden Paramore, Petru Sofio

Technical Producer & Lead Editor – Daniel Gorbunov
Assistant Editors – Andrew Gardinier, Rowan McConkey, Ilya Sharonov

A HUGE thank you to our wonderful cast and crew of student volunteers!!!

Jenny Brigham
Xavier Pascal Bernhardt
Sam Dieringer (host)
Andrew Gardinier
Daniel Gorbunov
Rowan McConkey
Aiden Paramore (host)
Halle Snell (host)
Ilya Sharonov
Jasper Zellmer (host)

& ALL Participants of the Semester 2 Survey!
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L’Indécis – Intro https://chll.to/9eb35421
Ezzy – ny90 https://chll.to/51534389
Tesk – Hideout https://chll.to/30305c18
Moods, Yasper – Breakfast w Bastien https://chll.to/fab8216b
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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of Arlington High School, ACMi, or the crew.
0:00 Introduction
0:31 A-Town Scoop
3:23 Student Stories
7:10 Creativity Highlight
10:07 POP! Debates
16:19 Conclusion

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