You View – Season 1 Episode 5

In this episode, we roam the halls of the soon to be bustling Capitol Theatre, have a discussion with leaders of Asian American Coalition, highlight the latest combos from Arlington Dance Place, fervently dispute distinct regions of Arlington, and MORE.

We want to thank this round of all-youth volunteers for coming together to create a fabulous final product!

Want to be a host in the next episode? Want to dive into the editing process? Want to film on site? Can you see yourself involved in You View? Well, you can be! We have roles for everyone, regardless of experience, and would love to have you on the team! Reach out to us using the contact info below.

Take care, stay safe out there, and we’ll see you in the next one!

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Executive Producer & Lead Coordinator – Sam Dieringer
Assistant Producers – Jasper Zellmer, Aiden Paramore, Petru Sofio

Technical Producer & Lead Editor – Daniel Gorbunov
Assistant Editors – Andrew Gardinier, Ilya Sharonov

A HUGE thank you to our wonderful cast and crew of student volunteers!!!

Amy Chelariu
Sam Dieringer (host)
Andrew Gardinier
Daniel Gorbunov
Maria Mantini
Mona Mohtadi
Aiden Paramore (host)
Samip Phuyal
Ilya Sharonov
Petru Sofio (host)
Sadie Simon
Andrew Yang
Jasper Zellmer (host)
Linda Zhou
We would also like to thank A.J. Niakaros and the staff of the Capitol Theatre for allowing us to film and interview in their space! Visit the Capitol website here: https://www.facebook.com/CapitolFEI/

Additionally, we would like to thank the members of Arlington Dance Place for permitting us to highlight their studio! You can find more information about Dance Place here: https://arlingtondanceplace.com
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Thank you to ACMi for supplying all necessary equipment and resources for this show.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of Arlington High School, ACMi, or the crew.
0:00​ Introduction
0:31​ A-Town Scoop
5:27​ Student Stories
16:11​ Creativity Highlight
20:24 POP! Debates
29:23​ Conclusion