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FACE THE BOOK takes you inside book shops, coffee shops, print shops, and libraries. We’ll look in on book clubs, book shelves, and anyplace else where people are writing, making, selling, or reading books.
At FACE THE BOOK, we dive boldly into the swirl of new media in this age of the Kindle, mega-bookstores, micro-blogging, cloud computing, and Amazon. Best of all, FACE THE BOOK helps you discover exciting, new, independently published books – and maybe, publish your own!
2 weeks ago

USRowCon23 Series What does "community engagement" mean for a sports governing body, and how does it impact the individual members, boathouses, elite & recreational athletes that make up its consituency? How has this program area evolved at USRowing? We'll talk to Jenny Trayes her new role as Chief Community Engagement...

2 months ago

Debut novelist Chelsea Banning's Dec. 4 Twitter post pulled at our heartstrings. As she wrote, only 2 of 37 RSVPs had shown up for the Dec. 3 signing for her first novel, "Of Crowns & Legends." Within hours, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Jodie Picoult, Margaret Atwood, and many other A-list...

4 months ago

Do you have a book that needs to get out to the world? Already have a book published and need to boost sales? Learn how to publish and market your books at the IPNE 11th Annual Conference, themed "Make better books and sell more of them." Join us for the...

5 months ago

THIS JUST IN! IPNE board members Scott Channell & Charlotte Pierce preview the topics of 3 of our speakers for the 2022 Nov. 18-19 https://IPNE.org Authors & Publishers Conference, "Make Better Books & Sell More of Them." Michael La Ronn, "How to Be A Writing Machine" Matthew Holmes, "Amazon Advertising...

6 months ago

It has been 17 years since Manoj Gautam and his colleagues at the Jane Goodall Institute of Nepal collaborated with locals to set up Nepal’s first poison-free “Vulture Restaurant” in Basa-Basahi, Nawalparasi. It became clear through their testing and data collection that extensive use of the medicine Diclofenac for agricultural...

9 months ago

Don't give your internet traffic away to the social media giants - plant your own flag on the moon with your own author/publisher website! Hosts Charlotte Pierce & Scott Channell talk to WordPress and SEO specialist Laura Williams of https://GoodInklings.com. Episode 4 of 4 in our Book Publishing Basics series....

9 months ago

A robust email list is the cornerstone of a successful book marketing plan. Hosts Charlotte Pierce & Scott Channell present best practices for building your list and serving your subscribers. Episode 3 of 4 in our Book Publishing Basics series. Details to come! Please subscribe to the series on your...

10 months ago

This episode of Face The Book TV focuses on leveraging assets that you may already have - your expertise, your friends & colleagues, your social media. With mindful, regular cultivation, a well built-out author platform can set you up for booming book sales by the time your publication date rolls...

11 months ago

Master Falconer Shawn Hayes explains his development as a falconer and his and devotion to the ancient art and practice of falconry. Not to be missed. ----- To see a falcon materialize from the sky with a colossal burst of power in pursuit of prey and to realize the falconer's...

11 months ago

Overwhelmed by the publishing process and all the choices in front of you? In this episode of Face The Book TV, we set forth an achievable checklist for the first-time indie publisher. EPISODE POST: PiercePress.com/publish-first-book This is part one of a four-part series designed to help you kick-start your book...