Greg Toro on bass
Steve Wilkinson on drums
Trevor Mitoma on keyboards
Omar Sosa on guitar

Song List:
1. I Think Of U
2. Come And Get It
3. Steel Feathers
4. Regal Blue
5. Solemn Warning
6. Culmination
7. Movement
8. Nela

Director Selene Victor
Tech Director Selene Victor
Floor Director Cyn
Camera 1 George Akerley
Camera 2 Walter Locke, Adam Bolonsky
Camera 3 Dick Koolish
Camera 4 Paul Carosi Primes
Sound Engineer & Production Alessio Miraglia


This video was created in coordination with Arlington Community Media, Inc. in Arlington, MA. ACMi is dedicated to providing an electronic forum for the free exchange of information and ideas which reflect the talents, skills, interests, concerns, and diversity of the Arlington, Massachusetts community.

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