Gayatri Sundar Rajan

About the Member:

A former student of Arlington Public Schools, Gayatri has been an active member of ACMi, the News team, and producer of the Ponderscope. Her favorite part of Arlington Public News is the sense of community and the many challenges that must be overcome to create successful segments.

Productions by this Member

Body Image – Part 1

Body Image is simply defined as the way a person perceives their own appearance. Many people in our society today have a negative body image, which means that they have a skewed or untrue image of themselves.  “People with negative body image see themselves as a...

Green Grant

Energy efficiency has become a much greater priority over the past few years. We have seen the increase in popularity of solar panels and even advances in how we view our own energy consumption. For the third time in its history, Arlington received a competitive Green...

APN Book Club

Almost everyone loves to read, but finding that awesome book can be a challenge. The difficulty could come from choosing between a million great books, or perhaps from taking a chance on one that is outside your comfort zone. Arlington Public News introduces the APN...