Lenard Diggins

About the Member:

Lenard moved from New Orleans to Boston in 1981. After living in East Arlington from 1997 to 2000, he returned to East  Arlington in 2006.  Some of his interests include: biology, financial markets and contemporary art.

Newscast: December 19, 2013

Newscast: December 19, 2013

In tonight’s newscast, we bring winter tips from a conversation with Deputy Fire Chief James Bailey, we speak with Bill McCarthy about the Food Pantry, and bring you highlights from a conversation with Dorothy Koerner about holiday blues. That, including our...

Makeup Session

Professional make-up artist Ericka Hanger stopped by the studio recently to teach our volunteer crew how to use make-up for TV and film.  Not only did Paul and I leave the studio looking fantastic, but we all learned a lot about what it takes to be a makeup artist in...

Holiday Blues

The holidays are a time often spent with family and loved ones.  It can also be a challenging time for many. News Producer Peter Bermudes spoke with Dorothy Koerner about holiday blues and how to keep yourself, and others safe.

Master Plan: December 2013 – Extended Interview

This is an extended version of the Master Plan interview. Establishing a Master Plan is a technical and political process about land and building use. Arlington has undertaken to create one. The plan would serve as the Town’s policy statement on future land use and...