Aaron Walck: A Personal Reflection of ACMi

When I first came to ACMi to interview for an internship, I was told, “You will get out of this experience what you put in.” I took this statement to be the obvious, because that’s the message I typically get from interviews. Only after my internship ended do I realize how true this message was.

To me, ACMi is the best combination of eager volunteers and experienced technicians, producing quality content towns the size of Arlington rarely are privy to (not to mention, it’s free!!!). The array of resources at your disposal allow those with nearly any interest to learn, contribute and grow in ways previously unimaginable.

Want to climb ladders, run wires and make jokes pretending you are an anchor? ACMi can be the place for you.

Prefer filming, being the person behind the scenes, and producing quality content? ACMi can be the place for you.

Want to be on camera regularly, interviewing and reporting on the issues, and making the show all about you? ACMi can definitely be the place for you.

Looking back, I got out exactly what I put in, my only regret being that I didn’t do more. What sets ACMi apart is that you can put as much pressure and responsibility on yourself as you want, allowing yourself to excel in whatever atmosphere is most comfortable. I know I will carry the skills I gained there for the rest of my life.

Aaron is currently in South America traveling for six months. Follow him at ‘walckthroughamerica.wordpress.com’.

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June 19, 2014