ACMi Highlights of the Week–August 13

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The Magic of Sand Sculpting Revealed

Congratulations to longtime ACMi member and good friend Margie DiMonte, who recently put the finishing touches on an enthralling new documentary, “Sand Sculptures: They’re Ephemeral, That’s the Whole Point!” Filming at the 19th Annual Sand Sculpting Classic in Hampton Beach, NH, Margie takes us behind the scenes as 10 competitors mix, mold, sculpt, and matte their masterpieces in just 24 hours spread over three days. Toiling through wind, rain, and chilling dampness followed by blazing sun, these artists create works that are simply stunning. Margie chronicles it all, from the delivery of 10 tons of sand to each sculptor, right through to interviews with the competition’s two big winners. The artists hail from all over North America, and it is truly heartwarming to see how they support and inspire each other even as they compete for thousands of dollars in prize money. As the title implies, this particular form of art is very much a transitory one, but that takes nothing away from the awesome beauty these artists create – see for yourself on our Public channel!

The Emma June Band Steps In for Studio B Sessions

The third season of Studio B Sessions is in full swing, and the latest episode features a trio of self-described “unapologetic songstresses” – the Emma June Band. They are known for their humorous banter, theatrical antics, energized presence, and lovely harmonies, all of which are on full display in their recent visit to Studio B. Accompanied by acoustic guitars and a ukulele bass, the trio’s voices meld seamlessly to highlight a set of mostly original compositions that thoughtfully explore a variety of subjects. Our live in-studio audience clearly enjoyed the performance – bet you will too! It’s on the Public channel.

Summer Arts Block Party

In late June, a host of business owners in Arlington Center, spearheaded by the Regent Theatre, revived a traditional summer celebration. This newest version of the Summer Arts Block Party included street booths, shopping events in nearby stores, and a number of performances on the main stage. ACMi was there to capture several of those performers, including musician Vance Gilbert, drumming by Odaiko New England, and a demonstration by a troupe from Zhen Ren Chuan Martial Arts. If you’re not yet ready to let go of summer (we’re sure not!), look for this 30-minute special on our Public channel, and enjoy.

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August 13, 2019