ACMi Highlights of the Week – June 12

It’s The Battle of the Bands 2019!

One of the red-letter days on the Arlington High School calendar every year occurs on a weekend night late in January. On that evening, hundreds of students, family, and friends gather to cheer on their favorites in “The Battle of the Bands,” a good-natured competition showcasing the breadth and variety of musical creativity within the high school, and all in support of a great cause. This year’s event continued the successful run, and was sponsored by the STAND Club at the school, with all proceeds donated to a worthy charity. Don’t miss a beat, or a riff, on the Education channel!

Looking to “Crosscheck” Addiction

Kevin Stevens is a former Bruin and a hockey legend around these parts. In the years since his stellar NHL career drew to a close, Stevens has taken on a new mission – ending the stigma of addiction through the use of media, outreach, and public events. He started a radio program he dubbed “Crosscheck” a couple of years ago to draw attention to the prevalence of addiction and provide the public with education and tools with which to confront it successfully. That popular radio program has just recently added a Video Podcast component, and thanks to our friends at Abington Community Media, we have added it to our own schedule. Look for Kevin and an assortment of friends (famous and otherwise) on Crosscheck on our Public channel.

Arlington High School Graduation is in the books

The 2019 Arlington High School Graduation took place on Saturday, June 1, and as always ACMi’s cameras were there to capture the proceedings in their entirety. Happily, the weather gods cooperated (not always the case, as we all know), and it was a lovely backdrop to an event that always stirs emotion. We will re-air the ceremony regularly over the coming weeks.

A Spoonful of Sugar, Ottoson Style!

Ottoson Middle School’s big theatrical production this year is the all-time classic Mary Poppins, and it is a feast for both the eyes and the ears! Ottoson plays are among the most popular events we cover, according to the numbers on our YouTube page, and there is every reason to believe that this year’s production will stand tall alongside triumphs of the past. See it for yourself on our Education channel, all week long.

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June 12, 2019