ACMi Highlights of the Week–November 21

Up to the Minute on Beacon Hill

ACMi’s public affairs series, Talk of the Town, has hit a fine groove in scheduling interviews with our three state legislators once a quarter. State Senator Cindy Friedman and State Reps Dave Rogers and Sean Garballey all visited Studio A recently to update us on what is happening at the State House. Each was excited to share progress made in areas of importance to them (and us), including mental health, the environment, and the additional educational funding Arlington can expect this coming year. They also very candidly addressed the frustrating situation with the MBTA, as well as the challenges of legislating in a blue state in the face of indifference or worse on the federal level. Together, the three interviews provide a wide-ranging and comprehensive picture of a state legislature that is proud of its notable accomplishments in recent years, even while acknowledging much remains to be done. You’ll find all three conversations on the Public channel.

Social Activism as a Calling

It’s also been a busy time at another of ACMi’s public affairs programs. Driving Forces is a series devoted to profiling people who have chosen to spend much or all of their time working for the benefit of others. The subject of the latest episode is Valerie Overton, who is currently co-chair of Lexington’s flagship organization supporting the LGBTQ community – LexPride. On the eve of the Transgender Day of Remembrance on Nov 17, Valerie came to Studio A to share insights from her five decades of social activism, and talk about the vital importance of supporting our transgender population who are confronted every day with hostility and incomprehension. Look for this episode and others from the series on our Public channel.

Our 2018-19 Year in Review

Ever wondered just what – and how much – content and connectivity ACMi generates in a year? Every fall season at about this time, we publish our Annual Report and convene our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Both of these serve as a succinct recounting of what we’ve been up to over the previous twelve months. The broadcast of the AGM includes video compilations that summarize our programming across a wide swath of subjects, including youth, sports, public affairs, news, and original productions. At ACMi, we are always striving to offer greater and greater value to our community. Tune in to the AGM, airing throughout the week on the Public channel, and decide for yourself how we’re doing!

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November 19, 2019