AHS Building Project Recap and Upcoming Forums & Tours

The AHS Building Project Community Forum happened on June 4th, 7-9pm in Arlington Town Hall. Catch up on previous forums and news coverage by watching the videos below. Keep your eyes peeled for future forums and news segments.

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APN | Arlington Public News: June 28, 2018

In this edition of APN, the new Arlington High School building design vote comes with a surprise.

APN | AHS Design Concept Feedback Forum Recap

The Arlington High School Building Committee hosted its fifth community forum at town hall recently. Previous forums sought community input about the strengths and weaknesses of the current high school, presented an educational plan for the future, and most recently shared eight potential design options for the new facility.

The eight original designs have been narrowed down to four, and now must be narrowed down to one “preferred design” that will be submitted to the Massachusetts School Building Authority later this summer.

This was also an opportunity to share draft cost estimates and comparisons with the public.

AHS Building Project Community Forum – June 4, 2018

The AHS Building Project Community Forum was shot on June 4th, 2018 in Arlington Town Hall’s Auditorium. Special thanks to ACMi intern Sophia Jannetty for filming this meeting.

APN | Upcoming AHS Final Design Forum

It’s your final chance to have say on the design of a new Arlington High School building. The town needs to submit a single preferred design to the Massachusetts School Building Authority by mid July to be considered for partial funding by the state. Costs won’t be the main focus of the upcoming forum but will be discussed. Architects expect the new high school to run about three-hundred million dollars. APN assistant news director Brenda Mahoney take a look at how what the town decides now will have lasting affects.

APN | How Does Massachusetts School Building Authority Funding Work?

The MSBA is charged with helping communities fund new school buildings. Reimbursement ratios, funding caps and facility limits can cause confusion. HMFH Architects Project Manager Lori Cowles helps us make sense of the funding formulas.

APN | AHS Tour

Join AHS Assistant Principal William McCarthy on a tour of the current high school to get a first hand look at the current building conditions and space limitations. The school complex is a warren of five buildings, spreading out from the original 1914 structure.

APN | Arlington High School Preliminary Designs Chosen

At the latest AHS community forum architects made it clear. Simply renovating the high school would not meet the educational needs of Arlington students. That means building new, adding on or combining the most of the old with major new construction. Eight initial designs were presented, those are already being narrowed down and refined before going to the MSBA.

AHS Building Design Progress Forum – April 4, 2018

The AHS Building Design Progress Forum was shot on April 4th, 2018 in Arlington Town Hall’s Auditorium.

APN | AHS Building Project Forum: Educational Visioning

The second of AHS Building Project forums focused on the educational vision that educators, residents and students want to see supported in a new or renovated building. The evening began with a look at the current educational trends at AHS. Then it was participants turn to share their visions of educational goals going forward.

AHS Program Overview Forum – February 13, 2018

The AHS Program Overview Forum was shot on February 13th, 2018 in Arlington Town Hall’s Auditorium.

APN | Community Forum on AHS Rebuild Sparks Innovative Ideas

More than a hundred residents attended the first interactive community forum on the Arlington High School build project. Attendees got an update on the process. Then it was time for residents to offer their input.

AHS Project: Community Kick-off Forum – January 10, 2018

The AHS Project: Community Kick-off Forum was shot on January 10th, 2018 in Arlington Town Hall’s Auditorium.

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June 7, 2018