Introducing the Arlington Public News Podcast

APN is now introducing the Arlington Public News Podcast, where you can listen to long-form interviews in the comfort of your home or on the go. Check out our Soundcloud page here, or listen to our two latest episodes below.

The Children’s Room is an invaluable resource in Arlington for grieving families and children, and APN was there to talk with the education director Deborah Rivlin. We spoke about how to deal with trauma in ours and our children’s lives. Check out their website here: childrensroom.org

Today’s world is one fraught with complexity. And in order to understand it, and have an impact on it, we’re sometimes best served by stepping back, getting a sense of the whole and perhaps enlisting the guidance of others familiar with the challenge.
Joining us today to hopefully lend some clarity to one of the more vexing issues of our age–the Israel/Palestine conflict—is Eve Spangler, professor of sociology at Boston College and a human and civil rights activist whose work over the past decade has focused on the Israel/Palestine conflict. She is also most recently the author of the book, Understanding Israel/Palestine: Race, Nation and Human Rights in the Conflict.

Watch our video segments on The Children’s Room and the Israel/Palestine conflict below:


Look forward to more podcasts in the future!

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September 17, 2015