Menotomy Grill: Ribs and Blues

House Smoked St. Louis Ribs. This signature dish is emblematic of the kind of experience customers enjoy when visiting Menotomy Grill. It tastes both sweet and spicy, reflecting the cozy and welcoming ambience of the tavern while bringing up the lively, surprising and fun character of the musical performances.

Menotomy Grill is not just a food destination at the far end of Arlington, right at the border line with Cambridge. While the limits of our town are not subject to debate in our modern days, the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Route 16 is a clear demarcation between Arlington and Cambridge. Menotomy Grill is right at the confluence of these two towns…“ We sort of become a little bit of a gateway to Arlington,” says the owner, Billy Lyons. He grew up in Arlington and now collaborates with Jesse Williams, an Arlington resident and music teacher at Berklee College of Music, Milton Academy, and Phillips Academy to select the talented musicians who perform on Thursday nights. The audience is a mix of regulars, who improvise a dance floor on the sound of Soul and Blues, local residents here for a drink with friends or a business meeting, or visitors from the neighboring hotel, who are pleasantly surprised by the warm atmosphere.

While the food and the music lineup are eclectic, Menotomy Grill stays faithful to the history of Arlington and the spirit of a tavern. Diners are surrounded by vignettes and memories of a revolutionary past – several maps of Arlington since its creation, historic pictures of iconic locations in town, and grand banners showing Arlington’s coat of arms. “ We at Menotomy Grill are lovers of history,” says Lyons.  He also reveals that the town has changed for the better since his childhood. “ In terms of education and diversity, as well as encouraging small businesses to grow here, I will say the town is better than ever.”


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February 26, 2015