Arlington High School students place flags on school grounds

Nearly two-hundred American flags are flying on the Arlington High School lawn honoring everyday heroes. Each flag was purchased by a loved one in recognition of their local hero. This is the second year that the Rotary Club of Arlington has run the Flags for Heroes fundraising effort. Funds will support the club’s mission in town.  

Rotary club members joined students in setting up the sea of red, white and blue. The students participate in the high school’s Workplace Alternative Program. Peter Lundstrom of the Workplace program told Arlington Public News that putting up the flags was a great way for the students to feel a part of the community.

One student, sophomore Andre Petion, said he felt a sense of “freedom and equality for all,”  when placing the flags.

People purchased flags in memory of men and women who are serving or have served in the military, or serve as firefighters, first responders, parents, teachers, coaches, and others. The flags will fly through November thirteenth.

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November 9, 2017