ACMi News: April 15, 2022

Imagine what it’s like to have cognitive or learning conditions, like autism, ADHD or dyslexia, trying to function in everyday life. April is Autism Awareness Month. ACMi News talks to two people who know what it’s like to feel marginalized by our modern-day society. We’ll show you what they’re doing to assure that everyone can achieve the highest quality of life possible.

Banning certain non-carbonated drinks in plastic bottles will be considered at this year’s Town Meeting. Recent studies have shown that these containers stand little chance of being recycled.

For those of you who frequently travel on Route 2 east and westbound, your highway is about to undergo some major utility work. We’ll tell you where and when.

And the Guns and Hoses hockey match-up 2022 is now in the rear-view mirror. We’ll have your complete wrap-up of this very close game.

All that and more on ACMi News.

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