ACMi News: December 13, 2019

Hundreds of people converge on the state house demanding action from their lawmakers to finally do something about climate change. Arlington’s climate change activists, young and old alike, sounding the alarm about humanity’s current relationship with our planet.

Arlington leaders are hoping to get the word out about the potential dangers of lead in the water. This after an annual test on more than a dozen homes in town revealed a pair of intriguing results.

Arlington is poised to announce its new permanent police chief after the first of the year. Tonight we talk to the town manager about the selection process and why it took longer than anticipated.

And ACMi’s annual Christmas tree lighting pierces the cold dark days of December once again! Making your days merry and bright!
There is music, stories, decorations, snacks; even the big man punched the clock taking time from his dinner break to pay us a visit before the big day.

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