ACMi News: February 07, 2020

A two-alarm garage fire then a series of explosions on Bowdoin Street in Arlington as billowing smoke can be seen for miles. Arlington fire crews frantically work to save nearby homes. ACMi News was on the scene when crews first arrived. We’ll have the latest on the heavy fire damage and we take a look at what remains the day after.

Still some unanswered questions regarding that proposed 50 room hotel and restaurant planned for this site on Mass Avenue. This, as the architect presents a building-design update. We have the latest.

Some Arlington High School trivia whiz kids take to the TV airwaves to compete in the arena of random knowledge. We take you behind the scenes with a look at how they deal with some of the toughest brain breaking questions.

And do you want to remain in good standing with your significant other this Valentine’s Day? We have the solution for you to stay on their good side or spend the next 365 days sleeping on the couch.

That and more on ACMi News.