ACMi News: February 11, 2022

Some potentially dangerous explosive devices are found at an Arlington home by a resident doing some housecleaning. We have the very latest from Arlington police on what happened next.

Celebrating Black History Month, Arlington is adorning Mass Ave. with several banners depicting Americans who made great strides in shaping our U.S. history. We take a look at one brave American who was the very first casualty of the American Revolution.

Quiet on the set. ACMi is making an offer you can’t refuse. We’re looking for a few creative directors, actors and film crew members as we get ready for the 2022 A-Town Film Festival. We have all the details.

And the Jason Russell House is making a casting call for tour guides. Do you have what it takes to take your passion of history and bring it to life? A brief history lesson on one of Arlington’s historical treasures and information on how you can tell Mr. Russell’s fascinating story.

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