ACMi News: February 14, 2020

Town leaders in Arlington now have finalized their plans regarding the top cop in town. We have an exclusive one-on-one interview with the town manager and the decision that’s been made about the future of Arlington’s police department.

Celebrating black history month. You may have already seen these banners lining Mass Avenue. All of these inspirational and historic figures have helped shape our history and all have ties to Massachusetts. We talk to a rep from the town’s human rights commission who was influential in getting this celebration going.

One of ACMi’s most talented members has a marvelous melody that he’s adding to his new album. And it was all done here at Studio A. The music is beautiful and it confronts the timely and controversial topic of our broken immigration system

And it’s Presidents Day week. Who’s your favorite president of all time? And in your opinion, who’s the downright worst? We take to the streets to get your thoughts and trust us, we kept it clean!

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