ACMi News: January 01, 2021

We have at long last made it to 2021! We want to pause and look back on the year just past and the few silver linings among the dark clouds that dominated the year.

For instance, we have been confined to our homes which serendipitously allowed us to have access to some folks who might normally be very difficult to get hold of. Our confinement within our homes also allowed the natural world again to those creatures with whom we share it.

Several of our stories have a hyper-local focus in accordance with our core mission, but we’ve also included a couple that tie us in to the nation and out shared heritage.

It was a very difficult year for all of us and ACMi is nonetheless proud of the adaptations we made and the work that we produced. We hope you will agree, and here is a sampling of the stories of 2020.

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