ACMi News: January 07, 2022

A public gathering of unity at Whittemore Park to fight disunity. One year after rioters and demonstrators staged an attack on the us capitol protesting the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, demonstrators in Arlington demand the promise of an all-inclusive democracy. We have a report.

Arlington is about to celebrate the life and timeless works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ACMi News has a preview as we talk to this years keynote speaker.

More than two centuries later, the Jason Russell House is still revealing it’s secrets about a bloody April day in 1775. We go inside the house to examine what has been uncovered and we take a look at what the towns historical society is doing to tell this fascinating story.

And for a few precious minutes, the skies of Arlington became a heavenly canvas as the sun set on the first work day of 2022. A good omen? We could use it.

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