ACMi News: January 28, 2022

An elderly woman dies after a swift moving fire swept through a portion of the third floor at the Chestnut Manor senior housing complex this week. We get the latest from Arlington fire department.

Three skaters fall through the ice at Spy Pond in less than six hours, keeping police and fire crews busy earlier this week. The Arlington fire department and police say there are alternatives to skating on the pond. We’ll tell you what they are.

Like the rest of us Arlington’s libraries have had to adjust to this seemingly endless pandemic. But they have bounced back in a big way! Arlington’s Director of Libraries gave us her book review.

And dive right in! The waters a balmy 39 degrees. Why do people subject themselves to such maltreatment? To help those who can’t fend for themselves on the other side of the globe. We’ll explain.

All that and more on ACMi News.

0:00 Opening
1:19 COVID-19 Testing
3:03 Arlington Fatal Fire
5:41 The Dangers of Thin Ice
9:10 Skating Safety Tips
10:34 Thai Moon Moving
11:21 Black History Month
13:04 Great Expectations
20:35 The Ponder Scope
21:57 Town Website Award
22:42 2nd Annual Rotary Polar Dunk
25:39 Ducks in the Winter
27:28 Closing

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