ACMi News: January 31, 2020

It’s 2020 which means the U.S. Census Bureau will tally up the U.S. population. The census was the topic of conversation at the Robbins Library this week. Why do we need an accurate count taken every ten years? And how safe is it?

We spotted a nest of majestic bald eagles in Arlington this week. Just how plentiful is this marvelous creature in these parts? And what can you do to make sure they stick around? We talk to Arlington’s animal control officer.

We’ll bring you up to date on the proposed Heights pub that may inhabit the old Balich Building in Arlington. Some issues were raised a zoning board of appeals hearing this week. We’ll tell you where things go from here.

And 56 years ago, a Liverpudlian band came to our shores. And lets face it… we haven’t been the same since. We’ll tell you about a one of a kind Beatles show coming to the Regent Theatre. And we talk to a man who was fortunate enough to tour with John, Paul, George, and Ringo way back when in 1964.

That and more on ACMi News.