ACMi News: July 05, 2019

Coming up on this special summer holiday edition of ACMi news:

We salute the patriots of Arlington, past and present. First, we know how the minutemen made out in April 1775 but what were the Brits thinking? We get reaction from the redcoats as Arlington’s Patriots Day weekend in April is now one for the history books.

A brave 19 year old American in uniform leaves to fight for his country, and never returns. Nearly 70 years later, he’s coming home to loved ones in Arlington. And we talk to the man who buried his friend so long ago.

Stage and screen actor Ed Asner came to the Regent Theatre recently to play God. But, did you know before playing a cantankerous deity on stage, he donned a uniform and proudly served his country? Tonight, an exclusive one-on-one with a Hollywood legend.

And we have the story of two modern day Arlington patriots who have a new and bigger place to call home. And this expansion will clearly help them in their tireless efforts to stamp out hunger while contributing to environmental sustainability.

That and more on ACMi News.