ACMi News: June 07, 2019

Most everyone has weighed in on the special election which will determine the course Arlington will be taking in the next few years. We have complete coverage of the proposed override and the debt exclusion which may produce a new high school.

Three quarters of a century ago the allies landed on the beaches of Normandy which was the beginning of the end of Hitler’s war machine. And one of Arlington’s favorite sons was there. Tonight, Elias Katsos looks back at among the most horrific days in US military history.

Some Hawaiian tunes are now breezing their way through some 4th grade classrooms. These students are taking to a four string instrument. They come from Arlington with a ukulele on their knee.

And a heavenly scent is currently flowing out of 787 Mass Avenue. Gourmet baked goods that delight the olfactory nerve. And it’s all low fat… sort of.