ACMi News: June 10, 2022

They weathered a protracted pandemic, an old school tear down and a new school build up. They kept on fighting ’til the end! They are the champions! Arlington High’s graduating class of ’22 did it! We’ll take you to the graduation ceremony.

After a three year pandemic riddled hiatus, its time to dust off the porch and party! Out where a friend is a friend. Porchfest 2022 is back in the saddle again coming to an entrance hall near you.

We are well into celebrating Pride Month. Before you look both ways prior to crossing the street, look down as well! These bright colors re-affirm the town’s commitment to full inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ community in Arlington’s civic life.

And we talk to a married couple in Kyiv, Ukraine now that it’s been 100 days since Russia invaded that nation. How are they faring now that the capitol city is once again under attack? We’ll show you some trophies captured by the Ukrainian army on display in downtown Kyiv. A stark reminder of the absolute brutality of this bloody conflict.

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