ACMi News: June 17, 2022

After ten years on the job as Arlington’s town manager, Adam Chapdelaine closes the door on this chapter in his life as he looks for greener pastures in Boston – literally. This week, he reflects on his several accomplishments here in town before a new journey begins.

‘Tis the season for fishing and also for potential danger. We found a lot of fishing gear discarded in Arlington’s waterways, in the trees and on the ground. This does not bode well for wildlife in these parts. We’ll show you whats being done to clean up this mess.

Arlington’s farmer’s market is back, bigger and better than ever! Flowers, produce, jams and jellies, even mead. Yes, mead is for sale! How American is that?

And this week, Arlington saw a good moon rising. A time when our natural satellite neighbor fills our heart with song.

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