ACMi News: June 28, 2019

An Arlington lawmaker agrees to forfeit $10,000 in loans to his campaign after the state says he broke several campaign finance laws. We’ll have the latest on Sean Garballey.

Spy Pond Park is closed as work crews spruce up the area, while preventing erosion and run-off at the same time. We’ll let you know when the park reopens.

Uncle Sam wants some shade. Sam has now been spared from the pain of a nasty sunburn. This after he gets some much-needed shade for the rest of the summer and beyond.

And ACMi is looking for a few citizen journalists. Do you have what it takes? If you have an Android or Apple device, the answer is yes! And despite what you’ve hear in the past two and a half years, this news is anything but fake, and its fun!

That and more on ACMi News.