ACMi News: March 06, 2020

The Centers for Disease Control says it’s lifting restrictions on testing and beginning to fast-track people who fear they have the coronavirus. What is Arlington doing to prepare it’s residents from this outbreak? Brenda Mahoney has a report on this rapidly evolving story.

Super Tuesday is now in the rear view mirror. What’s next for the remaining candidates? And who did you vote for? We have the latest from Town Hall where passions were running high.

One of ACMi’s own is recognized for supporting area artists and her outstanding fundraising efforts. The Artful Heart Gallery receives the award for community business of the year. And you just may know the owner.

And what does it take to own a professional football team? Apparently abuse from the press, a con man, a media mogul, a kidnapping victim and a TV reporter who talks people down from bridges. Think we’re kidding?

That and more on ACMi News.