ACMi News: May 20, 2022

After three long years of a “town-less” day, 2022 brings good cheer: Town Day 2022 will invade Mass Ave. We’ll tell you when it’ll happen and how you can help welcome back this Arlington institution!

Arlington town leaders are hard at work prepping for Memorial Day 2022 making sure our men and women in uniform are never forgotten. We’ll go to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery where thousands of U.S. flags have been planted to remember our brothers and sisters in uniform who paved the way for our everyday way of life.

Town meeting is now passed the the halfway point. We have an exclusive interview with Arlington’s newly elected town moderator, Greg Christiana, to see how the sessions are going in 2022.

And when life gives you lemons, make for Del’s Lemonade at Brattle Square. We’ll take you to a timely ribbon cutting that is sure to quench your thirst.

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