ACMi News: October 04, 2019

As Arlington aims to hire a permanent police chief in the near future, acting chief Juliann Flaherty updates the Select Board on community policing efforts currently underway. This as some residents demand more action on the controversial and divisive case of Lt. Richard Pedrini.

A renovated waterfront at the Boys and Girls club dedicated to one of Arlington’s favorite sons, the late Kevin Greeley, who publicly supported the club for years, is forever remembered for his lasting generosity.

The Arlington International Film Festival is just weeks away and we have a sneak peak at some of the coming attractions for this year’s event at the Capitol Theatre.

And we celebrate 100 years of NFL football in an exclusive interview with the former general manager of the New England Patriots, Upton Bell. His father is credited with saving the national football league from certain destruction. But Upton says it was actually his mother who saved pro-football. It’s a fascinating story that proves fact is indeed better than fiction.

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