ACMi News: October 08, 2021

Your used PPE mask needs to find it’s way into the trash can. You won’t believe what we found in Arlington within the span of only 60 minutes.

A cup of joe with the men and women in blue this week designed to promote a better relationship with Arlingtonians. The very people police are paid to protect and serve.

We’ll also tell you why so many American flags were flying at half-staff earlier this week in Arlington.

And here’s something you don’t see everyday… a pink police cruiser. You may have seen it already. It goes well with pink police patches and t-shirts.

That and more on ACMi News.

0:00 Intro
0:57 PPE Litter
4:01 AHS Vaccine Mandate
4:38 Firefighter Flags
5:29 APD Breast Cancer Awareness Month
7:19 Coffee with a Cop
11:23 Open Space Survey
12:21 FoodLink EPA Award
13:05 Host Community Agreements for Marijuana Establishments
13:41 All-Alcohol Package Store License
14:16 What Fall Means to You
15:39 DEI Update on Reprecincting
17:30 The Ponder Scope
18:55 Goodbye Kevin
23:49 Outro/Halloween Windows