ACMi News: September 20, 2019

Some fallout in the ongoing case of Lt. Richard Pedrini. Some Arlington residents are none too pleased with how town leaders addressed the matter. We’ll have their reaction as well as reaction from town leaders. And where does this story go from here?

School is back in session less than three months after Arlington favors a new high school building. What can we expect for this school year and beyond? Brenda Mahoney gets the answers from school leaders.

A Stanley Cup champion who has been to hell and back tells his story in the film “Shattered” that debuts in Arlington. A future hockey great who’s life was shattered by a horrific injury, losing nearly everything including his life. This film is about salvation.

Town day was another success with good food, good music, and good company. We’ll have some of the highlights from Arlington’s Town Day 2019. Rain? What rain?