Conversations with Creative Minds: Gary Goshgarian

Welcome to Conversations with Creative Minds. We have been searching for the meaning of creativity and the role it plays in our daily life. People use creativity to express themselves in different ways, such as writing, painting, poetry, composing music, or innovating new products. Creative minds have never been more relevant than today because of the need to solve our societies’ dynamic and complex problems.

Gary Goshgarian is an award-winning author of eight critically acclaimed thrillers such as Flashback and Tunnel Vision. Gary is a professor of English at Northeastern University, teaching courses in science and horror fiction. Gary has taught fiction-writing workshops throughout the United States as well as in England and Europe.  In addition to his novels, he has also authored five popular college textbooks.

He is the first physicist to become an English professor at the university. He writes under the pen-name, Gary Braver. He is known for his creative and innovative writing style. His novels have been translated into seven languages and three of them have been optioned for movies.

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